I am Amy Christine Nana Abena N’teye Jones Jung.

  • Amy Christine Jones – Maiden name
  • Abena – “day name” received on arrival in Pusupu, Ghana
  • Amy Christine Jung – Married name
  • Nana Abena N’teye – honorary title and name given to honor my deceased father. “Queen Mother, born on a Tuesday, You have done a great thing.”
  • Amy Nana Jung – pen name acknowledging the cultural complexity of names and naming

As a child, I was raised among multiple cultures as the eldest (and only girl) of five children of Protestant Christian Missionaries who worked for a decade to bring a printed New Testament into the hands of a previously oral-only group of people, who call themselves the Ntrubo. This upbringing impacts all other aspects of my existence in marvelous, peculiar, and excruciating ways.

Now, I am an Assistant Professor, Director of Forensics, Researcher, Mother, friend, and skeptic.

2 thoughts on “Who?

  1. we appreciate the good works your family undertook at Pusupu. I come from that village. A lot have changed since then. thank you.

    1. Oliver,
      Thank you for your kind remembrance of the Jones family in Pususu, Ghana. I miss my friends and am hopeful to hear some news of there.
      Last I was in Pususpu was 2006 and I’m sure much has changed.
      Please see my recent article where I reflect on the many ways my life is better because I lived among the Ntrubo people.

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